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City Web

Description: CityWeb is a complete media solution company.

No. of Franchise Outlets:5

Investment: Rs. 5lac - Rs. 10lac

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Business Details

CityWeb is a complete media solution company. It helps to spread business across targeted presence in 400+ cities all over India, covering most of them, reuniting businesses to achieve the goal of providing high quality facilities at much lower cost with high profit earning, thus proved to be an asset in many forms.

Mission and Vision

CityWeb Mission and Vision can be accomplished since it works in two components one for CityWeb Portals (e-media, e-commerce) other for CityWeb Newspaper(Print Media) which provides a complete solution to interact with each and every one sitting there in outside world, as people can access it on daily basis as it is just a click away. To promote business of local city vendors and to provide best online services to local city customers by linking the two may ease the task of buying and selling products.

CityWeb helps to gain more knowledge about your own local cities and helps to know it in depth. Its unique features helps to avail all the required services and offers in local city at just one click, and its new concept is to introduce local city people to renowned personalities and even contact them in future.

Why to use CityWeb?

There are many advantages of CityWeb which covers the liabilities of others in terms of covering all small cities, to increase business perspective. There are no distance boundaries between seller and buyer, it is more users friendly and provide facilities to all possible local cities and provide easy access .CityWeb helps at an extent by making cities more High-Tech as everything is possible online.


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